Tattoo Regret – A Documentary

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The X-Tattoo Removal  project is alive!



X Tattoo -Tattoo Removal has have been around since 1994. We are a different kind of  tattoo removal program with the intent to remove gang related and other tattoos that would make one ineligible for employment, military service, or mark him or her for retaliation from rival gang members. Ran by a group of individuals that volunteer their time and money for one reason: to give people a second chance. Often times the patients that receive services made a mistake or two earlier in life and are willing to make changes to better their future. Our doctors volunteer their time to erase those mistakes, our technicians volunteer their time to assist the doctors, and our office managers volunteer their time and facility to support the program.

All of this is done because: we care about you and we believe everyone deserves a second chance.

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x-tattoo removal, phoenix, AZ