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Why would you remove a tattoo

    When most people think about getting a tattoo they are fully aware that it will be permanent. People who are so excited about getting a tattoo for the first time they may not think about the permanency of a tattoo, and end up changing their mind and decide that they are not happy with their body art anymore. Two major reasons people want to get their tattoos removed is the tattoo didn’t come out like they wanted or they got a significant others name which is no longer so significant.

    No matter what the reason is, the person who wants their tattoos removed should start thinking about having a laser tattoo removal procedure done to them. In order to understand tattoo removal, you need to understand the tattoo process itself. Tattoo ink is injected to the upper skin layers and the ink and the skin molecules become one, in other words the ink bonds with the skin.

    Laser tattoo removal is considered the best method, as well as the safest method to separate and break up the pigment. The laser will penetrate and eradicate the skin molecules but at the same time the light of the laser will stimulate the production of blood flow, which will aid in repairing the damaged skin tissue. Usually 6-10 treatments are needed depending on color, size, and depth of tattoo.


      X-Tattoo Program

      The X-Tattoo Program was founded in 1995 by Doctor Acharya with the purpose of helping children and young adults to get their lives back on track by removing Ink from their past. The Tattoos may have linked them to gangs or prison or prevented them from getting employment. Doing this gives them a fighting chance in our community to change their lives around and steer them towards a brighter future. This program started out as a free community service but do to budget restraints, the company had to start implementing a small fee to cover the cost and maintenance of the laser.
      Dr. Acharya and Dr. Mannes volunteer their time to this program which makes the price unbeatable. Unlike other places that have laser technicians, X-Tattoo always has a doctor on hand to perform all procedures.
      The Juvenile program lets children under the age of 18 get all gang related tattoos removed at an affordable price.  We also work with juvenile correction facilities in hope that the children will have a clean slate when they get released.
      We don’t only work with children and young adults, we work with people of all ages and do not discriminate against your past. It’s never too late to change your life.

      For more information please contact us at 480-306-4198


      Juvenile Tattoo Program

        This program is EXTREMELY unique in the valley. The program was originally focused on giving young men and women a fresh start. This is why the fee for youth tattoo removal is so low. Youth under the age of 18 is very affordable tattoo removal treatment, regardless of how many tattoos are being removed. This is the best deal in the valley by far.

        Patients still receive the same care and attention that other patients will receive just discounted to encourage our youth to remove those tattoos. They will be treated by licensed doctors and laser technicians who are dedicated to seeing today’s youth create a successful future. The only difference will be the cost.

        Your tattoo will be removed using lasers to break up the ink in the skin. The body’s natural healing process is to heal from the inside out. The laser breaks up the ink, then the body naturally heals by pushing layers of skin up and creating a new outer layer of skin. As each treatment breaks up the ink by layers, the tattoo naturally gets lighter and starts to disappear. Sessions will last from 5 minutes to 15 depending on the size of the tattoo.